Members of BUFSA will find that the organization caters to everyone’s needs/wishes, and is always willing to expand its foothold in the university and the greater Boston area. Whether you’re interested in dance, intramural sports, music, learning Tagalog, community service, or etc., you’ll be sure to find your niche within the club. Here are SOME specific examples of what we do:


  • Family Dinner- Wednesdays at 6:30 P.M. in various locations TBA in the weekly newsletter
  • Intramural Sports- Depending on the time of the year, we participate in various sports including volleyball, softball, basketball, and flag football.
  • Kumanta Music Group- Interested in singing or playing instruments? Kumanta welcomes everyone, and currently does not require auditions.
  • Tagalog Classes- Language is such an important part of our culture. These classes are open to all levels of proficiency.
  • Dance Practice for Upcoming Shows (Traditional and Modern)- Learn dances from Tinikling to hip hop and everything in between during the weekends. Everyone’s invited!


  • First General Meeting
  • Halo-Halloween
  • Dialogue (FIND event)
  • Kamayan (District One event)
  • Big/Little Reveal
  • A Very Merry BUFSA Christmas
  • Mugarfest
  • Spring General Meeting
  • Love Auction
  • ISA: The World is One
  • Sosyal (District One event)
  • Conference (FIND event)
  • Elections
  • Overnight Retreat
  • Family Fun Day
  • Senior Night

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