Charina Ortega, Treasurer

Major: Biomedical Engineering (ENG ’16)
Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Favorite part about FSA: Intramurals and performing on stage!
Life goal: Make cheaper medical devices for people living in third world countries, do more than one pull up, and marry Zefron
Fun fact: My knees can tell when it’s about to rain (it’s like I have ESPN or something)

Like Trisha, Charina is also studying Biomedical Engineering in ENG and is a Mavens escort. When she isn’t cleaning out frogs for her internship (#ew), or pulling all-nighters trying to finish her homework (#englife), you’ll probably find her playing sports for the Little Brown Filipino Warriors. An athlete since she was a little child, she served as Recreations Coordinator her sophomore year. This year, as a junior, she now takes care of the club dough as Treasurer.