Trisha Serquiña, Vice President

Major: Biomedical Engineering, with a concentration in Technology Innovation (ENG ’15)
Hometown: Belleville, NJ
Favorite part about FSA: Love and lumpia
Life goal: Play Mickey Mouse at a Disney park (dream a Fantastic dream!!)
Fun fact: I saw the Pope once

Trisha Serquina, a rising senior in ENG, is a proud escort of Boston University. You’ll find her working until late at night at the Mavens Desk (usually ‘til 2AM) where she takes requests and services students… by walking them home. Trisha’s on her second year of e-board—first serving as Internal Affairs Representative her sophomore year and now as Vice President her senior year. During her year off from e-board her junior year, she won the title of Mr. & Ms. BU alongside BUFSA alum Bryan Cosca (ENG ’14). Don’t make her mad because now she’s Ms. BU. #bowdown.