Current Productions


Kamayan, which means “to eat with our hands” in Tagalog, is a cultural show held every November that displays the Filipino culture through traditional and modern dance. Kamayan serves to strengthen the everlasting bonds of the District One schools and the New England community.

Our most recent production of Kamayan will be held on November 23, 2013 at Boston College. Our modern set theme was The Great Gatsby/Roaring 20’s. We also performed Panderetas, a traditional Filipino dance. Check out our Facebook page for pictures!



ISA: The World is One, is one of the oldest and largest productions held at Boston University, hosted by BUFSA. Started in 2000, it is held annually and has featured more than twelve other student groups, as well as guest performers from around the country. In the national language of the Philippines, the word “isa” means “one.” ISA: The World is One has been entertaining and inspiring hundreds of people for more than ten years to embrace the diversity of the school’s student body, and highlights the talents of its amazing students through song, dance, and other forms of expression.

Last year’s production of ISA: The World is One was held on March 22, 2014, with a Superheroes theme. We hope to see you at next year’s show – its fifteenth anniversary!

Below is a list of past ISA themes:

2014 – Superheroes
2013 – Back to the Future
2012 – Wicked of Oz
2011 – Tangled
2010 – Little Mermaid
2009 – Beauty and the Beast
2008 – Aladdin
2007 – Super Mario Bros
2006 – Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?


Check out our Facebook page and Gallery for photos of past productions of Kamayan and Isa!